Follow Your Senses - A New Type of Travel

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Follow Your Senses - A New Type of Travel
In this age of enlightenment, some are trying a new type of travel with an emphasis on flexibility and personalization, Senses Tours. Each holiday is designed around the client’s personal tastes to intoxicate all five senses. Art, music, cuisine, history, wellness, nature, self-awareness, culture and community are woven together into an itinerary to match up perfectly with the traveler’s personal tastes. Experiences are laced together to create a tapestry that provoke and inspire new awareness within yourself and your travel companions.

Standing 20 feet from a Silverback gorilla, working in an orphanage in Peru, being pampered on your own private island, listening to a symphony on the African savannah during sunset or engaging in a shamanic ceremony are examples of “senses” experiences that are used to create a transformational travel experience.

Recently, Generation Go Travel (a Wilmington based travel advisory), created a Senses Tour for a family going to Peru. The father wanted a real educational vacation for his three young children.

The trip started before they even left, as the advisor sent a Spanish course for the family to play in the car, months before the trip began. Books and movies were recommended to give the family a knowledge of culture and lore. Finally, the agent presented an online history lesson on the Amazon for the kids. 

Once on the trip the kids visited an orphanage for abused girls, saw one of the most prolific jungle markets in the world, dove into the culture visiting a local neighborhood, hiked the Amazon jungle, visited some of finest restaurants in the world, connected with local people and marveled at two of the 7 Wonders of the World. The sunrise over Machu Picchu and the sunset over the Amazon River, what could be better?

The family had a truly transformational experience. “My kids will never be the same, they are now speaking some Spanish and they have been exposed to so much more than any trip we have ever taken. They experienced the best of the best and a delved into the true culture of Peru,” the client reported. 

“It’s really fun to dive into someone’s personality and match that up with the perfect trip,” says John Cagle a travel advisor for 10 years who have embraced this new form of travel. “The customers love the variety and personal touch, it’s like the best mix of having a travel advisor and a concierge putting your perfect trip together.”

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