Wanderlist – A New Way To Fill Your Bucket List

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Wanderlist – A New Way To Fill Your Bucket List
The difference between a dream and a goal is a date and a plan, just exactly what a new tool from Virtuoso does for travelers. Virtuoso is a network of 20,000 advisors who book more than $26 billion annually.

The new tool is called Wanderlist, it lets travelers create a virtual plan and dates for their travel dreams. Travelers go through a Netflix type highly visual survey of the world to create a virtual bucket list, by getting travel companions, family, significant others or friends to fill out the same survey.

Wanderlist then syncs up all the answers to create trip suggestions to fulfil everyone’s wishes.

“Think of it as a little portal for your dreams,” says Virtuoso Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Matthew Upchurch who visualizes people who are busy, love to travel but never enough time to plan, a way to identify the desires of a family or travel companions and then have a travel advisor strategically execute the plan. “It’s like the leisure equivalent of a financial adviser. If you have a framework to help optimize your money, why not have one for your leisure time and spending?”

Once the travel advisor has the information, they can review with the group their input to plan future trips, maximize the best accommodations, look for discounts and the best time to travel to the destination. Wanderlist also will feed you great information about the destination and the costs associated so that travelers can budget for their dream trips.

Too many times people find themselves planning the last minute to try to fit in a vacation with the family. “Most people finding themselves in a situation where they live to work, Wanderlist allows people to work to live,” says local travel advisor Martin Green. “Don’t forget, the day your child is born you have 18 summers before you become an empty nester“.

Recently Generation Go Travel in Wilmington was chosen as one of only 80 advisors in the world to test drive this product. For a short period, they are offering to members of the Landfall Travel Club an introductory offer of $400 for a travel group of 4, list price is $700.

“We spend time planning our financial future and our estate after our death, but rarely do people spend time planning how to live their dreams”, says Green. “three of the biggest regrets people have at the end of life are not spending enough time with family and friends, working too much and not traveling enough. Wanderlist is the tool to help you overcome those regrets later in life.”

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