Our Wine Event

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Our Wine Event
Generation Go Travel recently had the honor of hosting Paul Bruce-Brand, Director of the Ellerman House Hotel from Cape Town. Not only is Paul the manager of one of the finest hotels in the world, but he is also a great friend of Martin and Lou Green.

Over South African wine and appetizers at Grand Cru Wine in Wilmington, NC, Bruce-Brand introduced fellow travelers to life at Ellerman House which includes only 13 designer rooms and two villas, a spectacular wine cellar, one of the best collections of South African art, and stunning views. Combined with unparalleled South African cuisine and hospitality, the Ellerman House is the perfect splurge in Cape Town.

In addition to the Ellerman House, the Generation Go Team unveiled a new form of travel: Senses Tours. Quite simply, Senses Tours are custom designed experiences with the intent to enliven all five of your senses. This is accomplished through art, music, cuisine, wellness, culture and community. Generation Go serves as a travel advisor and a concierge rolled into one to deliver unique travel experiences that go well beyond the traditional travel itinerary. Everything is tailored to the individual and doors are opened through an extensive luxury network.

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